Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Your virtual life is real!

At least if the many-worlds interpretation is correct...

Personally, I don't care for this particular theory. But if it were true then everything you are doing in EVE is a reality somewhere. There is really an asteroid belt with the same configuration you are mining currently. The region you are in exists in the exact same layout. The ship you are piloting is real, and stations exist! There is another person in that ship at that point in space moving in the same direction.

Basically any configuration of matter you can think of exists in an alternate world somewhere. The EVE virtual world presents such a configuration. Therefore your virtual life is real.

I think the theory breaks down when teleportation comes into play (i.e. clone jumping, jump gates, faster than light travel). But if you can ignore this and just think of strict matter/material configurations, I believe the EVE virtual universe is a valid realization of many-worlds. It is out there somewhere, amongst the infinite realities.

Incidentally... this would also make a lot of movies and television possibly real too. At least for the most part (can The Force really exist?). Also a lot of other MMO's.

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