Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back in Business! Again!

Ugh... I seem to be having the worst luck lately...

I booted up my computer this past Friday evening and ended up with a black screen! I would get my Vista login prompt just fine... I'd log in... and that was that. I had a black screen with only a mouse cursor visible.

I rebooted and rebooted and tried safe mode... nothing seemed to get rid of my black screen. I even tried a restore point (using the Vista install disk restore function) and still nothing worked.

After consulting the all knowing Google, this is apparently a known issue. And the only way to fix is a re-install of Vista. I read that there was some luck with a settings change but that presumed you could get into Vista at least in safe mode.

So that is how I spent my weekend... re-installing Vista and recovering my data.

Everything is back up now though. My BPO's come out research early next month so I will start manufacturing soon. Should be fun and interesting.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back in Business!

Yay! Power got restored yesterday! What a relief. Did two loads of dish washing, a load of laundry, went to the store to partially repopulate the refrigerator. Life is getting back to normal.

In my downtime I decided I will be getting a second account for sure. Was thinking of doing this tonight. Going to create a Caldari (all my other chars are Caldari) PvP build and get him started on learning skills. It will be a while before I do anything serious with him so training will be good.

Haha! I said "him"!

Its odd... all my other chars are industry types and female. But for my PvP I want a male. Not sure why... just how it is I suppose. In EQ2 all my healers were female. I couldn't bring myself to roll a male healer. Not trying to be sexist or anything, just pointing out an oddity.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Still No Power...

Entered day 10 of no power a few hours ago. This is why there have been no updates here.

On the bright side there are rumors of power trucks in my area at home. I called the power company and reported my outage again... for the 25 time. Sigh...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


IKE means no EVE :(

The remnants of IKE rolled through my area Sunday afternoon and wiped out power to my house. Power has not been restored yet either. Hopefully it will be back soon.

Thankfully I switched to a long skill Sunday morning!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Second Account?

I'm seriously considering the Power of 2 promotion from EVE. I've been debating now for a while on getting a second account to train up a PvP alt. Seems this is a perfect opportunity to do so at a reduced rate. I'm not quite when I would start playing the alt, but I could at least start a training program.

I rolled an alt on my primary account last night and formed a corp just to play around. I'm still trying to make heads and tails of how to setup all the Divisions and Wallets. Not sure if they are used for specific tasks (i.e. BPO purchases, research) or more generic/broader purposes (i.e. Industry, Trade). Also, I need to figure out how to partition off corp members and what they have access to.

One would think a handy corp setup guide would be out there somewhere. Seems like there are guides for every other topic. But alas, I couldn't find one...

My eventual goal is to get my current main in the corp and then generate lots of ISK to support my PvP.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Your virtual life is real!

At least if the many-worlds interpretation is correct...

Personally, I don't care for this particular theory. But if it were true then everything you are doing in EVE is a reality somewhere. There is really an asteroid belt with the same configuration you are mining currently. The region you are in exists in the exact same layout. The ship you are piloting is real, and stations exist! There is another person in that ship at that point in space moving in the same direction.

Basically any configuration of matter you can think of exists in an alternate world somewhere. The EVE virtual world presents such a configuration. Therefore your virtual life is real.

I think the theory breaks down when teleportation comes into play (i.e. clone jumping, jump gates, faster than light travel). But if you can ignore this and just think of strict matter/material configurations, I believe the EVE virtual universe is a valid realization of many-worlds. It is out there somewhere, amongst the infinite realities.

Incidentally... this would also make a lot of movies and television possibly real too. At least for the most part (can The Force really exist?). Also a lot of other MMO's.

Monday, September 8, 2008

An Experiment

I was out mining Friday night when in warps some random Pirate to the belt I was in. For the most part, I'm not to worried about these guys because I mine only in high sec currently. But this one made a line right for me, targeted me, and orbited me for a few minutes. I just kept mining away and few minutes later he warped off... but it got me thinking.

Next time this occurs I think I'll have a little fun. I'll target back and drop a jetcan with one Veldspar in it or something (or multiple jet cans). Basically, try to take as much of their time up as possible just to screw with them.

Should be interesting. I figure if they can have so much fun with poor little defenseless miners why not have some fun back?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Level II missions available

Well, as the title suggests I finally have a few level II mission agents available to me. I earned enough standing with Caldari Navy over the weekend. Have not tried any yet... I need to get my drone skills up and find a good Cruiser build first.

I will finally have the magical Refining V, Refining Efficiency IV, and Ore Processing I in a few hours. So I can refine at a 100% minus whatever the station takes. I'm working on that though (see above)...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Skill points

I was thinking today and had an interesting thought...

Would you pay double subscription price to earn skills twice as fast?

Basically you get double the skill earn rate for paying twice as much money in EVE. If your subscription is $15 per month you would pay $30. If you are earning 2000 skill points per hour, you would now earn 4000.

I bet a lot of casual players (such as myself) with limited playing time who have RL responsibilities and family might do this. Heck, I read a lot of players pay for two accounts already... one for earning ISK and one for PvP.

Could EVE's economy support this? Would there be massive inflation? If enough people did this a lot more ISK would be available per player. But then again, a lot more spending would be going on as players would access better ships and better fittings quicker.