Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back in Business! Again!

Ugh... I seem to be having the worst luck lately...

I booted up my computer this past Friday evening and ended up with a black screen! I would get my Vista login prompt just fine... I'd log in... and that was that. I had a black screen with only a mouse cursor visible.

I rebooted and rebooted and tried safe mode... nothing seemed to get rid of my black screen. I even tried a restore point (using the Vista install disk restore function) and still nothing worked.

After consulting the all knowing Google, this is apparently a known issue. And the only way to fix is a re-install of Vista. I read that there was some luck with a settings change but that presumed you could get into Vista at least in safe mode.

So that is how I spent my weekend... re-installing Vista and recovering my data.

Everything is back up now though. My BPO's come out research early next month so I will start manufacturing soon. Should be fun and interesting.

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