Monday, September 8, 2008

An Experiment

I was out mining Friday night when in warps some random Pirate to the belt I was in. For the most part, I'm not to worried about these guys because I mine only in high sec currently. But this one made a line right for me, targeted me, and orbited me for a few minutes. I just kept mining away and few minutes later he warped off... but it got me thinking.

Next time this occurs I think I'll have a little fun. I'll target back and drop a jetcan with one Veldspar in it or something (or multiple jet cans). Basically, try to take as much of their time up as possible just to screw with them.

Should be interesting. I figure if they can have so much fun with poor little defenseless miners why not have some fun back?

1 comment:

Solemn Phoenix said...

Even better, if you spot a roaming gang of them in your system, call up a few friends and set a trap for them ;)

It's very high on my to-do list!