Thursday, September 4, 2008

Skill points

I was thinking today and had an interesting thought...

Would you pay double subscription price to earn skills twice as fast?

Basically you get double the skill earn rate for paying twice as much money in EVE. If your subscription is $15 per month you would pay $30. If you are earning 2000 skill points per hour, you would now earn 4000.

I bet a lot of casual players (such as myself) with limited playing time who have RL responsibilities and family might do this. Heck, I read a lot of players pay for two accounts already... one for earning ISK and one for PvP.

Could EVE's economy support this? Would there be massive inflation? If enough people did this a lot more ISK would be available per player. But then again, a lot more spending would be going on as players would access better ships and better fittings quicker.


Solemn Phoenix said...

I don't think that's a good idea.

a) It devalues older characters
b) It creates 2 different speeds of players
c) Messes up the paying schemes that the company deliberately oversimplified (only 1 way to pay)
d) It would abruptly change the current dynamics of the game in a possibly drastic way: A change of the current active hulk miners could decrease ore prices, devalue ore/mineral deposits, change the price of manufactured items up or down (for example, faster skills don't mean you'll get your own moon mining facility any faster, since you don't have access to it)

The economy in EVE is rather fragile...

eg. Discussion on the nano nerf brought down prices of the materials that are used in the nano modules

Largo said...


a) Older players could certainly pay extra also. But your right, it certainly does benefit newer characters. But is this a bad thing? It may get new characters "out there" quicker.
b) True. I'm not sure how this is bad though.
c) Let just assume the ability existed to do this. A "what if" kind of thing.
d) Economy certainly would be the biggest concern. I'm not sure it could handle the change either.