Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I've been progressing as a miner ever since I entered the world of EVE 5 months ago. Other than a few minor skills to shore up here and there, Ive gotten about as far as I wish to go at this time. My character can fly a Hulk and process any non 0.0 ore with 100% efficiency. I have not yet trained Exhumers V nor do I plan to at this time. I think there are more important things I could be training in the 28+ days it would take.

I've been dabbling a little in manufacturing already. I understand the basics but I need to get more serious. What I really need to do is sit down and crunch some numbers. I've started to write my own program to help with this. I've looked at some of the ones already out there but I know the numbers and layout I'm looking for and I've not been satisfied with what's out there already. Writing my own program will also help me learn manufacturing better, too.

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YoMma said...

Nice progression on the Industrial front there! My dad's character is at a similar skill level in Mining, being able to process all non 0.0 ore with no waste. He's moved onto Mission Running as his second hobby though and is chuckling away in his Caldari Navy Raven...Fathers eh?