Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hulk just a day away...

And I can't wait! Its taken a bit to save up all the ISK to buy a brand new Hulk (82 mil) and the Exhumers Book (25 mil) but I did it. I've got a day left now in Exhumers training and I'm there!

When I get my Hulk I'll be focusing on getting my coffers back up to pre-Hulk levels and training Drones. I've been so focused on Hulk training my other skills are lacking. After Drones I need to get a good PvE ship and fit it nicely for missioning. I've been thinking a Drake for this. My newly acquired drone skills should offset all the missile nerfing as of late.

After that, I'm not sure. Probably I will get those last few skills in Industry where I want them then switch to Science for Invention.

My PvP alt is almost ready for some fun now too. Just a little while left his learning skills then I'll start in on the core, frigate, and gunnery skills.

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