Thursday, November 13, 2008

Progress Bar

Or is it progress circle? I love the new progress timer CCP added!

My Retriever can only hold one strip miner cycle worth of ore. So I stagger my strips with a 10 second or so delay in order to give me time to drag out ore from the first strip before the second strip completes. If the second strip miner cycle completes while the ore from the first is still in my cargo hold, I loose out on much of that ore. In addition, I need to restart that second strip which takes more time.

When I mine I do a lot of other things in the background and try to keep a loose eye on what's going on in EVE. I would try to look at my clock and estimate the cycle end time. Most of the time this works but occasionally I loose track of time and loose out on some ore.

But now, with the new progress timers, I can see how close to cycle end I am with a single glance! Very nice indeed!

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Lars said...

Hi Largo! We miss you in EQ2. I recently started in Eve Online myself. I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment, as I've just started. Hope to see you online (I use the same name that I used in EQ2: "Akshobhya Dhyani".)