Monday, October 27, 2008

Geeking Out

Had a great EVE weekend! My wife let me geek out pretty much all day Saturday. Did a lot of mining and catching up from my hiatus the last few weeks.

Spent most of the morning mining. I replenished the stock of most all my minerals and sold what I had excess of. Tritanium is going for the highest I have ever seen it so I concentrated a lot of effort here. Made a small bundle but it was short lived.

I spent the afternoon identifying BPO's worth purchasing. So I bought about half a dozen BPO's in the late afternoon. ISK is easy come easy go I suppose... Threw most of the BPO's into ME research and then threw some of my older BPO's, which have already have ME, into PE research. I wish the ME research queues were as short at the PE ones. I've been wanting to get PE research done on my older BPO's for some time, it was nice to finally start this process.

Now I have a conflict though. As I mentioned a few days back I am less than a month from flying a Hulk so I really need to start saving for that. There are also some some expensive skill books I will be needing to buy here in a few weeks. I probably should not be spending the ISK like I did this weekend. But you need to spend ISK to make ISK.

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