Friday, October 24, 2008

More than I asked for

I was checking out my sales log last night and to my surprise there are people paying more for the stuff I am selling than I asked. Sometimes way more!

Is there some sort of mechanic in the game I have missed? When I look for goods to buy I open up the market window, search the item, and then figure out the cheapest price in a reasonable amount of jumps. I don't really see a way to pay more for an item than is asked unless you actually type it into the buy window.

Perhaps people are just so thrilled to be paying out ISK they feel obligated to tip me for the opportunity.


Shirrath said...

The mechanic is known as the buy order. You pick a price, range, duration, minimum amount and the maximum amount. If there's a matching sell order, the seller gets to keep the difference in prices.

Largo said...

Ahh okay! I've not really gotten into buy orders yet but it makes perfect sense. Thanks!