Monday, November 12, 2007

Dang you Buckeyes!

Seriously, what the heck was up this weekend? Three turnovers?

In case you were not following, the number #1 team Ohio State Buckeyes lost 28-21 to unranked Illinois this past Saturday. In our own stadium! They started out looking great, even had a TD in the first two plays. But at halftime we were down and unable to recover in the second half.

Other than the obvious turnovers, here is my thinking on why they lost. As soon as Wells took that hard hit in the middle if the first quarter they took the game to personal. It seemed to me the game was all about revenge at that point. Arguments began appearing on the field and everyone was trying to lay the other guy out. They lost focus, and lost the game because of it.

You wouldn't have heard me say this before Saturday... but I don't really think OSU was a number #1 team anyway. Sure it was nice to see, but if we would have held onto the position I think it may have led to an embarrassing loss in the bowl game. But I suppose this was embarrassing also. Ugh... dang Buckeyes...

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