Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dream Dinners

Dream Dinners is one of these new pre-made dinner places that are starting to pop all over the place. The idea is you schedule time at one of their locations, show up, and make one of many dinners they offer on their menu (they rotate their menu every month). They provide the meat, seasonings, herbs, etc. You provide the labor by following a recipe and modifying it to suit your tastes. In the end you have a pre-made meal, ready to stick in your freezer until you need to consume it.

My wife and I have been to one a few times. We really like them, its a nice way to burn an hour or two and not spend a whole lot more then you would on groceries. We both work full time jobs so there isn't a lot of spare time to make elaborate meals in the evening. This seems to be a way to get a decent, home-made, relatively easy to make meal.

Now you may be thinking this is all fine and dandy, but why does it warrant an entry here?

Well tonight my wife received a phone call from her mother that her uncle had passed away from lung cancer. We need to be out of town this weekend to attend the services. We had already scheduled and paid for some meals that we were going to make Saturday. Furthermore, since the menu changes every month, it makes it difficult to reschedule as the meals we paid for are going away. The new menu is rotated in next week and the prices are different.

So I give them a call about our predicament and they offered to make the meals for us, all we needed to do was pick them up. And they offered to do this immediately, and for free (they do offer this service but they charge for it)! I was very surprised... they could have easily made us reschedule probably incurring some sort of fee in the process.

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